1. Support the Remembering Wildlife Book Series: This year focusing on Remembering Cheetahs…  2020 will see Remembering Cheetahs published as the 5th book in the Remembering Wildlife series. Together, Remembering Elephants, Remembering Rhinos, Remembering Great Apes and Remembering Lions have so far raised more than £615,000 for conservation projects. The series was founded and is produced by wildlife photographer Margot Raggett, who was prompted to take action after seeing a poached elephant. She started asking fellow wildlife photographers if they would donate images for a fund-raising book and the series was born. Each year the books are launched at an event at the Royal Geographical Society where supporters can get their books signed by many of the photographers and it is accompanied by a two week London exhibition.

2. Support Paul Goldstein’s ‘Worth More Alive’ campaign: Paul Goldstein, wildlife photographer, guide and conservationist, has raised over £200,000 with his Worth More Alive campaign for the protection of Bengal tigers. Running marathons & climbing mountains in his legendary tiger suit, he had wanted to raise another £100,000 this year, this time not only taking on the London Marathon but Everest as well. Lockdown halted his efforts but he is determined to do it all again next year. You can support his efforts here: https://exodus.charitycheckout.co.uk/cf/worth-more-alive?fbclid=IwAR1eSnkXnN9jnbH-Nro7okEljqR2Adeb3hMvEX4q_296PvONNG06TjFQ5hk

3. Bjorn Persson’s ‘Nails against extinction’ campaign: Wildlife Photographer and conservationist, Bjorn founded the Here Forever Foundation & is leading the #nailsagainstextinction campaign, raising awareness of the meaningless slaughter of rhinos for their horns, which essentially contain the same element as our nails.  You can find out more here: https://www.hereforeverfoundation.com/ + listen to full podcast episode here: https://soundcloud.com/user-413516609/an-interview-with-bjorn-persson?fbclid=IwAR1bUrgPnr7Od2NHgMJUz_t4p7R3oqdsbkftqERFHMUnvL0cKcs8x7eOX6I

4. Take a virtual tour with Wild Immersion: Endorsed by Dr. Jane Gooddall, you can now enjoy the wonders of the wild through Virtual Reality. Wild Immersion is an educational, ethical, environmentally friendly initiative. Wild Immersion is an educational, ethical, environmentally friendly initiative, creating the first animal’s Virtual Reserve which aims to reconnect us with natural world. Convinced that 360° Virtual Reality films will play a part in the future of cinema, Wild Immersion aims to reach a wide audience to raise awareness about an urgent global challenge: the need to conserve wildlife, wild environments and biodiversity.


5. Donate to any number of reputable conservation organisations 

6. Follow wildlife photographers and filmmakers with a message to share

7. Start a Wild Conversation about how we can protect our wildlife with your young ones, family members, neighbours.